The HAWC has an eye for health and fitness

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Colin Cates
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
Maintaining good health and fitness can be very daunting while on a profile, but the Health and Wellness Center at Holloman Air Force Base has an experienced staff and great resources to overcome this challenge.

The HAWC is here to answer any questions and build confidence in Airmen who feel they cannot do much of anything because they are limited by a profile, but there are things they can do to be active, said Shannan Bergtholdt, health promotion program manager.

Aqua jogging is a great workout for Airmen who have injuries to their lower extremities, said Kevin Fallon, fitness program manager. A foam belt fits around the person's waist that suspends them in the water, which provides resistance to the legs as they move through the pool. The treadmill, elliptical and a high intensity walk can be good alternatives for a person on a profile that restricts high impact activities.

The resources at the HAWC can help Airmen understand the different workouts available, along with information for a proper diet.

Many of the classes offered at the fitness center, like spin class, Body Pump and Body Combat, are modifiable based on profile restrictions and still allow Airmen to get a great workout, said Bergtholdt.

"I offer one-on-one sessions for Airmen who cannot make the classes and need extra help during their profile, which has produced over a 90 percent pass rate for those Airmen," said Fallon.

Often, Airmen are placed on a profile, and then gain weight because their activity level goes down dramatically, said Bergtholdt. To help combat this, the HAWC can offer a tailored program that includes structures workouts and a nutritional guide.

Consuming a diet comprised of primarily fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low-fat dairy while limiting added sugars and fats is also a great way of keeping healthy and managing weight, said Bergtholdt.

She also said is critical that Airmen do some type of aerobic activity along with practicing proper dietary consumption while on a profile because they will still be tested on their waist circumference.

Airmen have to train at a safe but sufficient level, so when it does come time to test, Airmen can complete the test without causing a new injury or prolonging a current one, said Fallon.

"Our message at the HAWC is that all Airmen know that they do not have to go through the challenges of being on a profile on their own," said Bergtholdt.

The HAWC is a place that gives Airmen the tools to keep fit and eat healthy, which are some of the key benefits to living a long and healthy life, said Bergtholdt.

"No matter what type of profile Airmen are on, we can show them how to work out with the right intensity to improve their fitness, because the goal of the HAWC and our Airmen is to cultivate a fit fighting force," said Bergtholdt.