14 Oktoberfest mugs on the wall

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Sondra Escutia
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
If you go into the kitchen of Alamogordo resident, Pat Morgan, the first thing you will see are the Oktoberfest mugs on his kitchen shelf. They sit in perfect order like a military formation, starting with a mug from the first Oktoberfest that took place in 1996. Each mug contains the tickets and flyers from the annual celebration.

He is one of Alamogordo's biggest Oktoberfest fans, and although he's attended the event 13 times now, the 61-year old U.S. Air Force veteran and his wife said they can't wait for this year's celebration.

"It's one of the great things the German Air Force has given the community, to open up like that," said Mr. Morgan. "My wife and I both enjoy it."

He said he loves the German beer and bratwurst, but the friendly gathering between the German community and the city of Alamogordo is his favorite part of the annual event.

"It's the camaraderie of the Germans and the Americans together celebrating," he said. "It's a historic event that's been going on for 200 years now [in Germany]."

The Oktoberfest event coordinator, Capt. Andreas Geier, GAF supply officer, recently paid the Oktoberfest fan a visit, where he was surprised to find that Mr. Morgan had more mugs on display than the GAF Headquarters did.

The very first Oktoberfest at Holloman in 1996 offered a mug by German Paulaner Brewery, before the GAF Flying Training Center began designing their own logos. Mr. Morgan offered Capt. Geier the first mug, and it now sits on display at the GAF Headquarters as part of a complete collection, providing insight into the German's history at Holloman.

"This is something the German Air Force should keep for their history here at Holloman. Now for each time they had Oktoberfest, they have a mug," he said.

In exchange for his gift, Captain Geier surprised Mr. Morgan with an addition to his collection: this year's official Oktoberfest mug, along with two free tickets.

This year's mug features a dynamic logo created by Sarah Roick, a media and communication design assistant. Her logo submission prevailed over 16 other design ideas, and reflects the existing partnership between the city of Alamogordo and the German Air Force.

It features the flags of the United States and Germany as well as the New Mexico flag. Below the Zia symbol, the silhouettes of the F-22 fighter aircraft and German Tornado can be seen. Set against the Bavarian backdrop of an array of blue and white lozenges are such typical assets as the Edelweiss, the pretzel, the traditional beer mug and the accordion.

This year's motto "It's Oktoberfest, let's celebrate!" is also included.

"I encourage folks to come out," said Mr. Morgan.

Oktoberfest is set for Saturday, Sept. 25, from 3 to 11 p.m. at the German Air Force Maintenance Hangar.