Holloman Airman takes fit to fight to new level

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Terri Barriere
  • 49th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office
Being fit not only means being able to fight. One member of Team Holloman recently proved this after winning first prize at an Albuquerque building competition. 

Senior Airman Christopher Dunn, a fire fighter from the 49th Civil Engineer Squadron, beat out six other contestants in the men's medium novice class to take home the first place trophy at the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilding Southwest Natural Classic June 2. 

The SNC is a drug free, drug tested competition that offers competitors an avenue to advance to a professional level as well the international level of competition. 

During the day long competition, Airman Dunn was judged on symmetry, muscle separation, posing and overall muscle balance. 

Though the competition only lasted a day, it took Airman Dunn far longer than that to prepare. 

"I actually started dieting and training for the show three months out," he said. "Getting ready for a show like this takes a great deal of mental discipline because the training doesn't stop when I leave the gym. About 75 percent of my preparation happens outside the gym with my diet and sleep. I would eat every three hours like clockwork for a total of six meals a day." 

Airman Dunn's daily meals consisted of protein shakes, grits, baked potatoes, chicken breast and steamed rice. 

"I seriously ate this everyday for three months straight," he said. "It's very boring and plain as I don't put any seasoning or salt on anything, just the taste of the grill is all the flavor I had. This is how I leaned out and came down from about 210 pounds to my competition weight of 187 pounds at five percent body fat--no easy task." 

Airman Dunn's strict training schedule would normally begin as early as 5 a.m. and he'd be back again several times throughout the day. 

"I would get up at 5 a.m. to do cardio, go back to the gym at 3 p.m. to weight train and then back again at 9 p.m. to do more cardio," he said. "It's kind of a crazy schedule ... you have to hold up mentally or else you'll never see it through. I always say 'anybody can go to the gym and move weights around, but not just anybody can body build--and believe me there's a difference.'" 

But the weight lifting Airman doesn't train alone, he frequently offers his experience to others often motivating and teaching them as well. 

"He trains hard and pushes harder," said Mr. Chris Thomas, also a fire fighter with the 49th Civil Engineer Squadron Fire Department. "He is a good training partner to have, I've learned a lot from him and he motivates me and pushes me to keep going." 

No stranger to hard work and perseverance, as a veteran bodybuilder Airman Dunn has been training and competing for nine years. His trophy collection boasts two second place awards and one fourth place finish.