Holloman schools to reach for Impact Aid

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  • By Staff Report
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs Office
Alamogordo Public District Schools, to include Holloman base schools, need parental support to receive federal funding through the Impact Aid program.

To support the Holloman schools, parents are being asked to complete the Impact Aid Survey Form and return it to their child's school's office before Oct. 9.

The federal funding opportunity is designed to assist local school districts that have a loss of tax revenue due to their enrollment of students from families who live on or work on tax-exempt federal properties.

Impact Aid funds become part of the school system's general operating budget and support instructional activities for all students. Each year, schools use the funds to support things such as teacher salaries, classroom equipment, books and special enrichment programs.

But, for Holloman schools to qualify for Impact Aid funding, the schools must collect information about federally connected children enrolled in the schools.

With the help of parents in providing accurate and complete information on the survey form, the schools can apply for the maximum allowable federal funds.

Each year forms are disallowed due to common errors and incomplete fields.

Such errors include: missing date, Active Duty member's missing rank, listing Alamogordo instead of Holloman AFB, and not listing Holloman AFB, N.M. in the box marked "Name of Federal Institution."

Parents turning in the form are asked to please double check that all information is complete and accurate.

Parents who have already completed the form and feel that there may be an error should contact their child's school to make the correction.

In addition, there must be one form filled out for every child.

Each survey form will be treated as confidential information and will be used for no other purpose. It will be available only to school and federal officials when required.

If any parents have questions or need help completing the attached form, they are advised to contact their school's principal.

Click here to download the form.