Driving the mission

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Emily A. Kenney
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
From hybrid vehicles to fire trucks, bucket trucks to police cars, Airmen from the 49th Logistics Readiness Squadron Vehicle Maintenance flight work strenuously each day to complete whatever task comes their way.

Most recently, Airmen from this 51-person shop have been working to install software called AIM 2.4 into all the Government Owned Vehicles.

"AIM 2.4 is a system to control access to metered products at self-service stations," said Staff Sgt. Jessica Cunningham, 49th LRS Vehicle Maintenance noncommissioned officer in charge of customer service. "Here at Holloman, we utilize this system to control access to fuel at the fuel stations for the GOVs."
The AIM 2.4 system will ensure drivers fill up all GOVs with the correct gas and it will also notify each unit's vehicle control officer when scheduled maintenance needs to be performed.

"It allows us to view vehicle data that is pertinent information to prevent vehicle down time," said Cunningham. "We are able to view miscellaneous data such as on board diagnostic codes, fluid temperatures, max vehicle speed, mileage, hours, etc. The diagnostic codes are particularly helpful since we can get some specifics to narrow the list of possible vehicle problems to expedite repairs without even having to plug in a vehicle scanner."

Holloman's Vehicle Maintenance flight is not only making strides to make maintenance more effective, they are also working to reduce their carbon footprint.

Of the entire Department of Defense, the Holloman Vehicle Maintenance flight was the first to be awarded the Green Fleet Certification from the Association of Equipment Management Professionals.

The Green Fleet Certification was given as a "Gold Status Certificate," which means 75 percent of the fleet consists of vehicles weighing 14,000 pounds or less and they meet all Environmental Protection Agency requirements. For this, an Idle Policy had to be put in place to program most of the larger vehicles to automatically shut off after idling for three minutes.

Aside from being the first to receive the Green Fleet Certification, Holloman's Vehicle Maintenance is also the only fleet in the Air Force to safeguard government license plates.

"There have been several instances in which government license plates have been stolen and used for illegal activities," said Cunningham. "With us being so close to the Mexico border and El Paso being one of the super highways for drug trafficking, we decided we needed a better way to ensure our license plates don't get stolen. With a little bit of research, we were able to find a company that custom made screws that are only licensed to Holloman. This design is licensed to us alone, so no one else can purchase the design or the specific tool that is provided."

Whether they are working on vehicles for security forces, civil engineering, maintenance, aircraft maintenance, the German Air Force, the test group, the balloon branch, or the logistics readiness squadron, Airmen from the vehicle maintenance flight here ensure the mission always drives on.