National Women Build Week

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Leah Ferrante
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
Holloman and the local community have always had a close working bond, coming together for those in need. This year members of Team Holloman joined together with Habitat for Humanity for a women empowering event giving one of the best gifts of all, a new home for a member of our local family. This event also taught women new skillsets while getting them out to volunteer in the community.

National Women Build Week, an annual event hosted by the Otero County Habitat for Humanity, brings together female volunteers to give back to women in the Otero County area. The May 9th construction marks the seventh year the Otero County Habitat for Humanity participated in the event, completing construction on their 40th home with an all-female crew.

Volunteers from Holloman and the community, and even the new homeowners themselves, completed various construction projects in preparation for "move-in day." The all-female crew took on different tasks from painting, landscaping, and construction with the help from local contractor and experts that also volunteered their time and experience.

"At least 50 percent of our volunteers are members of Holloman," said Kuia Taiaroa the local director of Habitat for Humanity. "If it wasn't for Holloman I don't know what we would do on our construction sites, they consistently help on our jobs and I don't know what we would do without them."

Holloman's 49th Medical Group commander, Col. Leslie Knight, along with the Mayor of Alamogordo, Susie Galea, and, Alamogordo City Commissioner, Nadia Sikes, spoke with volunteers during the event.

"The theme, Women Build, really struck me because women really do build. We build our homes, we build our communities and families, and now we're building houses," said Knight. "What a great theme and idea, and I'm so glad I could be a part of it."

The home was built from the ground up in about 22 weeks, the culmination of work from various people, organizations, and Team Holloman. The new homeowners are prepared to move into their new house as early as next month.

If you are interested in volunteering for future construction projects, you can contact the Otero County Habitat for Humanity office at