49th SFS armory

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Aaron Montoya
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
Every day the 49th Security Forces Squadron Airmen work hard to ensure that Holloman stays a safe and secure location for all personnel and families living on base. Being properly equipped with an effective weapon system is not as simple as just grabbing them off the shelf.

The members of the SF armory are there to ensure our patrolmen are properly equipped to carry out their daily duties with safe and reliable weaponry. However their responsibilities stretch far beyond just maintaining SF weapon systems.

"We house over 900 weapon systems for on and off-duty SF members, Civil Engineer personnel, Office of Special Investigation agents and German Air Force individuals," said Staff Sgt. Brandin Weber, 49th SFS combat arms instructor. "We also hold the personally owned weapons and ammunition of individuals that live in the unaccompanied airman dormitories."

Ensuring the weapons are properly maintained is another key part of their position. If a weapon is not in proper working order, the armorers take measures to ensure the weapon is properly repaired before its next use.

"If we have a weapons turn-in and there is something broken on the weapon system, it will get tagged with the nature of the issue, letting them know it should not go out to post before it's repaired," said Weber. "It will be taken to the combat arms individuals, they will fix it if possible, then it will return here for issue out."

The armory houses personally owned weapons for Airmen on base as well. Holloman Airmen can purchase weapons from the Base Exchange, and the armory helps them store and register the weapon.

"If you purchase a firearm and you live on base, you need to bring it to the armory and fill out an Air Force Form 1314 and let them know so it gets registered on base," said Weber. "Individuals that live in the dorms cannot have the weapon systems in their dorms, so they need to be housed here."

The members of the SF armory work hard to ensure our defenders are properly equipped to keep Holloman safe, and ensure our residents are practicing safe storage of their personal weapon systems.