It’s showtime

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Leah Ferrante
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
April is the Month of the Military Child. A month dedicated to the children that sacrifice and contribute to our great Holloman family. In a military community, the importance and value of family cannot be easily measured with a simple math or science formula.

With the military's fast-paced lifestyle and constant relocating, the children have to learn to adjust and blend in with new environments at any given time. This means finding new friends, schools and hobbies that help them feel right at home.

A special group of children have found a way to not only make Holloman their home, but impress the surrounding community as well through the art of dancing.

Showtime Studio, a hip-hop studio located at the Boys and Girls club in Alamogordo, N.M., has made their lasting impression on the town. Showtime has been open for 17 years, winning national championships all over the country. They're currently undefeated in the state of New Mexico, but they aren't stopping there. They are ready for more.

"Truthfully, I take a lot of pride in this studio, especially for the military children who transfer in from all over the country" said Lorri Black, owner and director of Showtime Studio.

"I really respect what our military does, so I take huge pride in offering a service for these kids and giving them a place they can call home again. We even had a routine this year that was dedicated to the military, bringing home a national title."

Showtime has over 90 kids from ages four to 25 with 17 instructors. Kids come from all over the Tularosa Basin, including Holloman and stretching as far as El Paso, Texas. They compete five to six times a year across the country.

"I love spending time with the team because we're like one big happy family," said Caroline Petithomme, Showtime Studio dancer, and the daughter of Col. Rodney Petithomme, commander of the 54th Fighter Group.

"It's nice to find a place to love and have that support when you are used to moving every couple years." said Petithomme.

Being in the military community, volunteering and giving back is something the military strives for, and Showtime Studio makes sure they provide the children with opportunities to give back with hard work and dedication in addition to dancing.

"We are blessed to have the opportunity to take these kids out and have fundraisers and charity performances to give back to families who are going through a hard time. It's a wonderful lesson to teach our kids and show them the importance of taking care of our community," said Black. "The military children are wonderful, and just like the Holloman community, they are always ready to help" said Black.

It's not only a great place for the children, but also for the parents.

"Having somewhere our children can be safe creates bonds, and learning the importance of giving back is incredible. The kids are so happy here" said Arlene Roman, 49th Aerospace Medicine Squadron, whose daughter dances with the studio. "It's always a positive experience and I couldn't imagine having my kid anywhere else.

With over 20 national titles and counting, the dancers at Showtime Studio have never been happier. With the world championship right around, they're ready for battle.

"I'm just so impressed with the talent and kindness that comes from this studio. I love it so much and hope to keep it going for future children to enjoy" said Black.

With the Month of the Military Child upon us, their children are going above and beyond, working harder than ever before to prepare for their next competition, bringing home the next title and making members of Team Holloman proud.