704th Test Support Squadron


Empower testers to answer the warfighters’ call through agile, innovative and responsive services and solutions.


To consistently and cost effectively deliver sustainable test and evaluation capabilities through our agile world-class innovative support team

The 704th Test Support Squadron (704 TSS) is an integral organization within the 704th Test Group (704 TG) in providing support services that enable focused and effective test and evaluation to aid the DoD and the warfighter. Many of the services provided by the 704 TSS are in support of the test missions of the Holloman High Speed Test Track (HHSTT), Central Inertial and GPS Test Facility (CIGTF), 586th Flight Test Squadron (586 FLTS), National Radar cross-section Test Facility (NRTF), and Detachment 1 at White Sands Missile Range (Det 1/WSMR). The Test Support Squadron was initially integrated as the command support staff (CSS) of the 6585th Test Group in 1975. In October 1993, the Test Group became the 46th Test Group. Eventually the 746th Test Support Squadron was stood up in May 2006 due to the increase in mission support requirements. The Test Support Squadron went through additional reorganizations in conjunction with the Test Group including the 796th Test Support Squadron under the 96th Test Wing and finally became the 704 TSS on 1 December 2016. The 704 TSS services roughly 90 military, 240 civilians and 160 contractor personnel with two-thirds of the personnel listed as active scientist, engineers and technicians.


XPF – Financial

  • Financial Management:

    • Proper handling of money of different colors & sources

    • Allocating & executing budgets at the units

    • Planning out-year spending / POM


  • Customer Funds Management Tracking & Reporting:

    • RBA & DBA funds accountability

    • Customer billing & time & attendance (JOCAS/DEAMS)

    • Management Information System (MIS)


  • TG Unique Attributes:

    • Payroll, supplies & contracts ~ $30M/yr for annual DBA expenses

    • Facility/SR&M funds allocated by AFTC ~ $2M/yr

    • Manage unfunded requirements financial requests


  • Unit Specific Support (586 FLTS, 746 TS, 846 TS, NRTF, 586/Det 1, OL-AC, TSS)


XPA – Acquisition

  • Project Management

    • High risk, high dollar, high visible projects

    • Program manager support and mentorship provided to TG units


  • Contracting/Acquisition Support

    • Orchestrate contracting and acquisition efforts across the TG in support of the mission

    • Lead or support acquisition efforts across the TG


  • Facilities

    • Facility repair and expertise


XPX – Plans and Programs

  • Long-Range Planning and Programming

  • Strategic Planning

  • Investment & Modernization Planning (TIPP, CTEIP, TSWG, SBIR, etc.)

  • Systems Engineering

  • Test Management Training

  • Performance Metrics Reporting

  • Unfunded Requirements manager

  • Support Agreements

  • STINFO & Public Release

  • Knowledge Management


XPI – Information Systems

  • NIPRNet & SIPRNet Support

    • Dedicated help desk

    • Trusted HAFB network admins

    • Test and Evaluation (T&E) Network


  • Information Assurance/IT Support

    • Support several SAPFs & SCIFs

    • NIPR


  • Apps Development, Implementation & Sustainment (MIS, Project Server, Facilities Tracker…)

  • Unit Specific Support (586 FLTS, 746 TS, 846 TS, OL-AC)


XPL – Logistics Materiel Control Activity

  • Group-Level Equipment Custodian (Equipment Control Unit)

  • Group-Level Customer Supply Support Services (Customer Service Unit)

  • Group-Level Disposal Services (Material Handling Unit)

  • 100% military staffed – only such unit in AFMC


TSS – Other Functions

  • Environmental compliance and inspections

  • Human resources for the TG

  • STEM outreach to the local community

  • Vehicles manager for the TG


Points of Contact

Director:  575-572-1344

Director of Operations:  575-572-1370

Commander Support Staff (CSS):  575-572-1247

FAX:  575-572-1396