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  • Welcome to Holloman Airman Nathan Goethal

    Every two weeks one of the 49th Wing’s newest team members has the opportunity to share their story during the bi-weekly 49th WG staff meeting. The selected Airmen introduces themselves to Wing leadership, allowing Wing leadership to meet one of the many Airmen accomplishing the mission each day.
  • Staying connected

    As an Airman, the mission comes first. It is critical that they work together to achieve success and each team member is at their best. Having time away from work to exercise social fitness is an important part of maintaining peak readiness, and with everyone having to stay physically distanced, some ways to be social have been altered.
  • Need to get on base?

    Beginning Wednesday, June 17, 2020, all Department of Defense ID cardholders may be allowed access to Holloman Air Force Base, including retirees.In an effort to protect the health and well-being of the Holloman community, all individuals attempting to access the base will be asked the following questions at the gate: Have you tested positive for
  • Soothing the soul

    As one of the pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness, spiritual fitness holds the other three pillars together, in whichever way Airmen choose to maintain a positive spiritual outlook.
  • F-16 Viper flagship gets a facelift

    Airmen with the 8th Aircraft Maintenance Unit painted their F-16 Viper flagship during late May to early June, here.
  • Team Holloman Airmen assist in 49th Medical Group operations

    For the last few weeks, Airmen from units across base volunteered at the 49th Medical Group to assist medical group personnel with the recent increase in mission operations tempo.
  • More than meets the eye

    When most people think of fitness, weight lifting and eye-popping muscles may come to mind; however, the benefits and importance of being physically fit are also closely related to many other factors in life and can be vital to a balanced well-being. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the access to maintain physical fitness has changed for some, and adjustments to their fitness routine may have been necessary.
  • SECAF visits Holloman Air Force base during COVID-19

    SECAF Barbara Barrett visited Holloman to see how the mission continues during COVID-19.
  • 49th Wing receives new commander

    Col. Ryan Keeney assumed command of the 49th Wing during a formal ceremony, May 21, 2020, here.Maj. Gen. Craig Wills, 19th Air Force commander, presided over the ceremony, where Col. Joseph Campo relinquished command. The ceremony was unique, as members of the official party and a few attendees abided by physical distancing guidelines in the wake