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  • Drone crashes on take-off from Holloman

    An unmanned QF-4E crashed on take-off August 10 here sending a black cloud of smoke into the air that could be seen for miles.The crash took place at 8:45 a.m. near the west end of runway 22 and runway 25. No one was injured and no damage was reported to military equipment or facilities. The drone, which is a modified F-4 Phantom II, was reported
  • Deutsche Luftwaffe

    Born May 23, 1958, in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Thomas Reiter is married and has two sons. He enjoys fencing, badminton, cooking and playing the guitar. Reiter has a Master's Degree in aerospace technology. He graduated from Goethe-High School in Neu-Isenburg in June 1977, from the Armed Forces University in Neubiberg in December 1982 and from the
  • Team Holloman stands ready as hurricane season continues

    As the anniversary of one of the deadliest natural disasters in history approaches, Team Holloman remains prepared for anything. According to Col. William Goad, 49th Material Maintenance Group commander, the 49 MMG maintains a constant state of readiness regarding equipment that might be tasked to support any Department of Defense or FEMA
  • POW shares experience with pilot

    Everyone's eyes were glued to him, leaning comfortably against the lectern chatting casually about his experiences. He wasn't a fiery, motivational speaker, but the 50 members of Team Holloman, most of them pilots, hung on his every word. It wasn't the way he said what he said that kept their attention, rather the story he told. It was a story
  • 12th Air Force Commander visits Holloman

    The stop to Holloman was Lt. Gen. Norman Seip's third stop on a three-base tour Aug. 16-17. The 12th Air Force commander had made visits to Dyess AFB, Texas, and Cannon AFB, N.M., prior to coming here. This visit was the first after the general took command in July. The general said the purpose of his visit was to meet the leadership of the base
  • Remembering the tragedy at Khobar Towers

    For one Holloman civilian the 10th anniversary of the tragic Khobar Towers bombing brings back more than just memories."When I got off the airplane, I knew something wasn't right," said Mr. Daniel Salinas, 49th Fighter Wing safety office, recounting his arrival in Saudi Arabia. "And then 32 days after I arrived something happened."On June 25, 1996,
  • What is 0-0-1-3?

    The military is known for its various acronyms, but numeric acronyms are a little different. That all changed with the creation of a new program to combat excessive drinking -- "0-0-1-3."Developed in 2004 to provide Airmen at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., with guidance on responsible drinking, the program is quickly moving to an Air Force-wide
  • Police dogs take a bite out of crime

    The 49th Security Forces Squadron has many ways of keeping Holloman safe from unwanted threats. Military working dogs are an integral part of keeping Holloman buildings, aircraft and personnel safe and secure.There are six dogs assigned to Holloman; Ate, 4; Alex, 5; Jannie, 5; Durban, 6; Blacky, 7; and Dino, 9, said Senior Airman Nicholas Drake, 49
  • New additions required for F-22A beddown

    Preparing to retire an aircraft that is 25 years old and replace it with a "more advanced" aircraft isn't easy, but officials here are ready to meet the challenge, while remaining ready to complete the Air Force mission."What we have to maintain during the draw-down of the F-117A and the arrival of the F-22A is our combat capabilities," said Col.
  • Shuttle Camp students land at Holloman

    The shuttle might not have landed at Holloman, but a few future astronauts stopped by for a visit.Students taking part in the New Mexico Museum of Space History's Shuttle Camp visited Holloman July 19 to take in the sites and sounds of a military base.The tour began with a stop at Heritage Park before heading to the Solar Observatory where the
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