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  • ACC commander impressed with Holloman

    The Air Combat Command commander visited Holloman for the first time last week and got a glimpse at the way Team Holloman does business. "I always take an opportunity to go out to all the bases and see the programs," said Gen. Ronald Keys, ACC commander. "I like to get a feel for how things are going and see how things are being translated at the
  • Watch What You Heat

    Fire Prevention Week kicks off Oct. 8-14 and Holloman Fire and Emergency Services is joining forces with the nonprofit National Fire Protection Association to remind local residents to prevent cooking fires: "Watch What You Heat." During this year's fire safety campaign, firefighters and safety advocates will spread the word about the dangers of
  • This week in Holloman history

    This week in Holloman historySept. 18, 1947: · The United States Air Force became a separate service. · The Air National Guard became a separate Reserve component of the U.S. Air Force. · W. Stuart Symington is sworn in as the first Secretary of the Air Force. · Army air activities are transferred to the new Department of the Air Force. Sept. 20,
  • Deutsche Luftwaffe

    With a total manpower of almost 200 servicemembers and locally hired employees, the 2nd Line Maintenance Squadron ranks largest among the Logistics Group's squadrons. According to the German Air Force maintenance support concept it is the responsibility of our squadron to perform first and second and in some special cases also third and
  • Deutsche Luftwaffe

    The Supply Squadron of the German air force Flying Training Center consists of a total of 50 service members and 25 U.S. and German civilian employees. The Central Force Level Stock Status Remote Computer Information System and main storage subunit is responsible for the provision of material supplies to the GAF FTC. To that end, the subunit
  • Mosquitoes put a bite into Holloman

    As Airmen do their daily activities outdoors, whether it is their job, jogging to keep fit or playing a sport outside for fun, they are relentlessly being attacked by flying menaces: mosquitoes. The enormous amount of mosquitoes the area is experiencing is due to the many areas of standing water, said Mr. Paul Balajadia, 49th Civil Engineer
  • Know the rules before driving on Holloman’s flightline

    After an unusually large number of vehicle runway intrusion in the fall of 2004 and the spring of 2005, Airfield Management has significantly beefed up the 49th Fighter Wing's Flightline Driving Program. By completely overhauling the training process in 2006, safety incidents have been slashed on Holloman's extremely complex and active airfield. In
  • 417th Weapons Training Squadron bids farewell to Team Holloman

    The F-117A Division of the U.S. Air Force Weapons School here closed its doors Friday after nearly three and a half years of operation during an inactivation ceremony in Hangar 500. According to Lt. Col. Marc Reese, 417th Weapons Squadron commander, when a squadron inactivates, it basically ceases to perform daily operations and goes into a "care
  • Anniversary of a record jump

    Throughout its history, the U.S. military has often been involved in setting aviation records. Often those participating eventually become household names: Jimmy Doolittle, John Paul Stapp, Chuck Yeager and Joseph Kittinger. Well, maybe Kittinger is not quite a household name, but to the Air Force, Holloman Air Force Base and America's
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