49th EMS phase section conducts aircraft inspections for Holloman

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Isaiah Pedrazzini
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
The 49th Equipment Maintenance Squadron makes sure that Holloman’s F-16 Vipers are up to date with quality flightline maintenance and inspections, and none are more crucial to this than the aircraft inspection section or Phase.

The Phase section is directly responsible for providing in-depth hourly inspections on all F-16s in search of any discrepancies or areas in need of repair.

“Our primary goal is to ensure the safe and dependable delivery of aircraft to the three F-16 maintenance units here on base.” said U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Isaiah Zamarripa, 49th EMS aircraft inspection dock chief. “The hourly inspections we conduct are more in-depth than the day-to-day inspections regularly conducted on the flightline.”

When working alongside the other AMUs on base, the Phase section maintains a close working connection to those agencies, creating a healthy and productive channel of communication. This ensures all aircraft on base are receiving quality inspections in conjunction with routine maintenance.

“Even though Phase and the AMU shops work in separate environments, our operations rely heavily on each other,” said Zamarripa. “Though our collaboration to the mission may vary, it's clear that we both play a vital role in the success of aircraft maintenance.”

When it comes to the development of their Airmen, the phase section relies on a variety of training ranging from their traditional routines, to hands-on exercises that properly accommodate them.

“During the training, we are presented with the invaluable chance to guide our Airmen beyond the basic flight line duties,” said U.S. Air Force Tech Sgt. Jonathan Geisenhof, 49th EMS aircraft inspection dock chief. “By taking the lead on various tasks, they can gain hands-on experience, which equips them with the capabilities to not just perform but excel and advance within their aviation careers.”

The Phase sections play a key role in upholding superior aircraft performance and readiness, crucial for the 49th Wing and the Air Force's mission success.

“Every hour we give back to the wing gives Holloman's pilots the time needed for them to take to the skies and finish their training,” said Geisenhof. “With safe aircraft to maneuver in, we ensure that they have the capabilities to graduate and continue to accomplish their missions all across the globe.”