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  • 49th AMXS Airman named Air Force crew chief of the year

    This year, the 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron’s own U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Shaun Shaffer earned the prestigious Crew Chief of the Year award for his outstanding dedication to his craft and ability to keep Holloman’s MQ-9 Reaper fleet in the air.

  • Team Holloman strengthened by international heritage

    “To learn about your peers' cultural backgrounds is a beautiful thing.”While every Airman has raised their right hand and taken the same oath to join the U.S. Air Force, each member’s diverse culture adds to the strength of Holloman’s unique community.

  • 8th Fighter Squadron unveils new flagship honoring F-117 Nighthawk

    The 8th Fighter Squadron collaborated with Hill Air Force Base, Utah to paint their F-16 Viper flagship a sleek matte black in honor of the F-117 Nighthawk.Traditional heritage and squadron paint schemes reflect the combat lineage of their respective units that honor and celebrate the history and

  • 49th MXG aids Hellenic Air Force in training course development

    Partnerships between the United States and allied nations are essential in carrying out the NATO mission of defending vital U.S. interests, deterring adversaries, and deepening connections with essential partners by projecting combat-ready airpower.Members of the 49th Maintenance Group played a

  • It’s not about the flag: a commentary on Pride

    My name is Karmyn Grabner-Dyson and I am a master sergeant in the United States Air Force, a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and an advocate for human rights. I made it my mission to stand up for those who need support and a voice in the military, but that wouldn’t have been possible had I not

  • Refueling Holloman: suicide prevention through hand-crafted beverages

    “More than anything, my time at Refuel taught me to be gentle with others.”Nearly 14 years ago, Holloman’s chapel corps identified a problem: suicide rates were increasing among the population of dorm residents and their efforts to combat it were not having a large enough impact.In response, the

  • Multi-Capable Airmen training program launches at Holloman

    The 29th Aircraft Maintenance Unit launched a Multi-Capable Airmen training program in March of 2024. The program allows Airmen to train on the skills of crew chiefs, avionics, and weapons troops, helping prepare Airmen for the broader scope of capabilities necessary to give the Air Force the

  • 49th CMS E&E shop unveils innovative invention

    In a remarkable display of innovation, James Rundall, a technician from the 49th Component Maintenance Squadron electrical and environmental shop, unveiled an adaptation of a communications W cord.