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  • Holloman Airman completes Ironman 70.3

    On a warm October morning, the Arizona sun peaks through the window and greets 1st Lt. Ashley Corkins, 49th Wing junior executive officer, with a wake-up call. She sticks to her tradition and prepares her pre-race meal – banana and peanut butter toast. This meal has always fueled her body before going through the physical gauntlet.Her hand trembles
  • 49th Wing presents 3rd Quarter Awards

    Members of Holloman Air Force Base gathered to honor the 49th Wing’s 3rd quarter award winners during a ceremony, Nov. 19, here.To win at the wing level nominees first compete and win at the squadron, then group level. Each group nominates one person for each of the award categories to be reviewed by the win’s selection board. The selection board
  • Intern with 586th FLTS creates tool pilots can use during flight

    This summer, Jacob Moreno, a senior at the University of Texas at El Paso, spent his time as an intern with the 586th Flight Test Squadron, or FLTS.In the spirit of innovation and accelerating change, Moreno coded a program that automatically deciphers airspace data into a graphical format that aircrew members can view while in flight on their iPad
  • Bone marrow transplants: A second chance at life

    I had just turned 18, I decided to spend the weekend at my best friend’s house to celebrate. I was a couple months away from graduating high school and then getting on a plane to head off to Air Force Basic Training. I spent most of my childhood dreaming of the Air Force, following in my dad’s footsteps. It was all finally within reach. I woke up
  • Task Force Holloman organizes voluntary classes for Afghan Evacuees

    For Afghan evacuees at Aman Omid Village on Holloman Air Force Base, the process of assimilating into American culture starts with knowledge.To educate Afghans who will soon resettle in the United States, workers and volunteers from Task Force Holloman and the Department of Homeland Security have organized voluntary classes for all Afghans over the
  • Holloman hosts Salute to Life registration drive

    Holloman volunteers kicked-off a week-long Salute to Life registration drive at the Domenici Fitness Center, Nov. 15, 2021, here.
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