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Holloman Fact Sheets

This page contains links to fact sheets related to Holloman Air Force Base, including aircraft and base information. For additional Air Force fact sheets and other related information, including biographies, special interest topics and other reading material, please visit www.af.mil, the official Web site of the U.S. Air Force.

Fact Sheet Alphabetical List

  • Detachment 1, 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron

    The 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron at Tyndall and Holloman AFB (Detachment 1) operates the Department of Defense's only full-scale aerial target program, maintaining an inventory of 24 modified QF-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft for this purpose. It also provides BQM-167 subscale aerial targets to gulf range customers at Tyndall AFB. Full and subscale
  • Det 1, 46th Test Group

    The Deputy for Air Force/White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), also known as 46th TG/Detachment 1, servers as a sponsor for all Air Force programs testing on WSMR. It assists users in preparing documentation for supporting services and obtaining WSMR logistic and support resources. In addition, this office acts as lead agent for scheduling all Air
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