Holloman AFB Environmental Commitment Statement:

The HAFB environmental commitment encompasses all Air Force organizations
and facilities within its boundaries, to include mission partner
organizations and tenants. This policy also applies to contractors and
vendors that provide products and perform services on the installation as
their contracts are awarded, amended or modified to include clauses
requiring Environmental Management System (EMS) conformance. It is the
responsibility of the EMS Coordinator and Environmental Cross-Functional
Team (CFT) to help the 49th Wing Commander develop, implement and support an
environmental policy, and the responsibility of all base members to follow
the established commitments.
1. HAFB is committed to conducting its' mission here in the Tularosa Basin
in an environmentally responsible manner to protect human health, numerous
cultural and natural resources such as the White Sands Pupfish, and the
environment. HAFB base personnel will identify environmental aspects of its'
mission, and with the expertise provided by the Environmental
Cross-Functional Team and Program Managers, develop economically feasible
and environmentally sound objectives and targets to address those aspects.
Holloman will comply with all environmental laws and local requirements
applicable to the vast mission types, such as pilot training, conducted on
the installation. Holloman will continually seek new opportunities for
pollution prevention, waste reduction and environmentally preferable
alternatives. This commitment goes beyond compliance with the law and
encompasses the integration of sound environmental practices into the daily
decisions and activities of all base personnel. We will continue to pursue a
course of continual process improvement and training to enhance our
environmental performance. In support of our environmental commitment, we
   a. Maintain a fully conforming Environmental Management System (EMS) that
meets conformance standards according to AFI 32-7001, Environmental
   b. Appoint organizational Unit Environmental Coordinators (UECs) to
address environmental matters and training.
   c. Continually improve Environmental programs that sustain the mission by
measuring progress, maintaining compliance and protecting our natural
resource assets. Holloman will implement actions to meet these goals and
communicate results to applicable personnel.
   d. Maintain an effective Pollution Prevention program by recycling
materials, minimizing waste, disposing of hazardous wastes in an
environmentally responsible manner and restoring contaminated sites.
   e. Ensure the responsible use of energy throughout the installation
through the adoption of practices and procedures to conserve energy, improve
energy resiliency and promote sustainability.
2. Conformity to this policy is the responsibility of all Holloman
personnel, including mission partners and tenants, according to their roles
and responsibilities to support mission capability.
If you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding environmental
policy, please contact the Public Affairs Office at 575-572-7381 and
The use of the name or mark of any specific manufacturer, commercial product, commodity or service does not imply endorsement by the Air Force.