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 Holloman AFB Environmental Commitment Statement:

HAFB is committed to conducting its mission in an environmentally responsible manner to protect human health, natural resources and the environment. HAFB base personnel will identify environmental aspects of its mission, and will, with the expertise provided by the Environmental CFT and environmental program managers, develop economically feasible and environmentally sound objectives and targets to address those aspects. HAFB will comply with all environmental laws and local requirements applicable to the vast missions conducted on the installation. HAFB will continually seek new opportunities for pollution prevention, waste reduction and environmentally preferable alternatives. This commitment goes beyond compliance with the law and encompasses the integration of sound environmental practices into the daily decisions and activities of all base personnel. We will continue to pursue a course of continual process improvement and training to enhance our environmental potential.

Holloman AFB Environmental Scope and Commitment Statement

Holloman AFB Environmental Fact Sheet

Training Proposals for Holloman AFB

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