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  • Holloman medics stand ready in time of crisis

    The threat of a biological, chemical or radiological attack is real and Holloman is prepared. According to Capt. Donna LaPointe, a nurse and chief of the 49th Medical Group Patient Decontamination Team, she and her staff recently went through a week of training to prepare them for just such attacks. Training for such attacks is important as they
  • Team Holloman has P.R.I.D.E.

    Members of Team Holloman have paired up with the students at Holloman Middle School to help them bring out their P.R.I.D.E. Falcon P.R.I.D.E. is a three-year-old mentoring program designed to assist the students at HMS with social and civil development. It focuses on Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Excellence. "The mentoring
  • New faces in the ADC

    The base courtroom has been, and will be, seeing new faces in its midst. Capt. Aubrey Davis and Staff Sgt. Julie Bergman are the new team that make up the Area Defense Council. "The ADC is a free-of-charge legal service for people who face criminal or administrative action," said Captain Davis. "We defend anyone who is an active-duty military
  • Intel flight: on time, on target

    Right along with natural disasters, space exploration and the ever rising cost of gas, the intelligence career field is often misunderstood. The 49th Operations Support Squadron Intelligence Flight at Holloman provides F-117A pilots, 49th Fighter Wing personnel and the commander both here and abroad, with the type, location and capabilities of
  • This week in Holloman history

    This week in Holloman history: Sept. 23, 1968 - Following the arrival of the 49th, another housing crisis arose in Alamogordo. Relieving some of the housing problems, the base leased 95 units at Alamo Courts for temporary housing of incoming personnel. Additionally, the base renovated the old hospital for single airman dormitory housing. Sept. 25,
  • From Holloman elite to Air Force elite

    One of Holloman's finest was recently selected to become one of the Air Force's finest. Staff Sgt. Jason Estrada, 49th Medical Support Squadron and Holloman Honor Guardsman, was recruited to the Air Force Honor Guard at Bolling AFB, Washington D.C., when some of their members were here for a formal training session in April. "I have been on the
  • POW/MIA Memorial

  • Colonel Goldfein nammed last F-117A Bandit

    The commander of the 49th Fighter Wing, Col. David Goldfein, is the last of an honored breed. When Colonel Goldfein flew his first F-117A Sept. 14, he became the last Bandit. The Bandit nickname harkens back to when the Stealth Fighter Program in Tonopah, Nev., was classified, said Lt. Col. Chris Knehans, 7th Fighter Squadron commander. The Formal
  • Holloman preps for Oktoberfest

    Tickets for the 10th annual Oktoberfest are $12 and can be purchased at all Otero Federal Credit Unions, the Chamber of Commerce, the Officers' Club, outdoor recreation, the German air force squadron and at the front gate Saturday. The bus stops in Alamogordo are shown below. Individuals who are not part of the Holloman community must take the