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  • Chief's Choice Award December 2019

    Holloman’s Chiefs Group has a monthly recognition program titled Chief’s Choice Award. Every month, a chief has the honor of choosing a deserving Airman for an outstanding act or for continuous outstanding performance. For the month of December, the chiefs are proud to present the Chief’s Choice Award to Airman 1st Class Emily H. Pizzello, 49th Contracting Squadron contract administrator.
  • Building a better team

    Temporary deployments or temporary duties allow Airmen to travel somewhere new for a period of time to complete a portion of the Air Force mission. The duties on a TDY are similar to what they would do home station, but located in a new environment allows them to hone in on their skillset and branch out to further develop.
  • 49th Wing 4th quarter awards ceremony

    Members of Holloman Air Force Base gathered to honor the 49th Wing’s 4th quarter award winners, during a ceremony at Club Holloman, Jan. 17, here. To win at the wing level, nominees first compete and win at the squadron then group level. Each group nominates one person for each of the award categories to be reviewed by the wing’s selection board. The selection board grades each nominee based on their technical expertise, demonstration of leadership and job performance.
  • Preparing our warfighters

    “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” All Airmen must abide by this statement when they join to serve the United States. Staying ready to answer the call is not only an honor, but a requirement. The 49th Logistics Readiness Squadron Deployment and Distribution Flight plays a huge role in making sure Airmen here are ready to deploy when they are called upon.
  • Diamond Sharp Award January 2020

    Every month, a first sergeant has the honor of choosing a deserving Airman to be presented the Holloman’s First Sergeant Council’s Diamond Sharp Award for an outstanding act or continuous outstanding performance. For the month of January, Master Sgt. Willie Hayes, 49th Equipment Maintenance Squadron first sergeant, is proud to present the Diamond Sharp Award to Staff Sgt. Serena Beaird, 49th EMS unit deployment manager.
  • Forty-ninth wing acquires a new MQ-9 through ferry

    The 49th Wing received its first MQ-9 Reaper through flight, Jan. 8, 2020. Typically when new MQ-9s are sent to Holloman, they are taken apart to ship and then reassembled when they arrive. Having the aircraft ferried came with an array of benefits. Notably, maintainers did not have to spend around five full days putting it together, in turn that also meant the aircraft could be used almost immediately for training. Another important fact was that an MQ-9 flew through the National Airspace System, something many pilots would like to see normalized.
  • Fanged forty-niners in Florida

    Temporary deployments are an important part of being in the active-duty military. They provide an opportunity for Airmen to hone in on skills and operate in a location that they are unfamiliar with, much like a deployment. The 311th Fighter Squadron is prepared for a temporary deployment to Key West, Florida, to provide basic course pilots dissimilar air combat training. However, training in a new environment area provides a challenge to the entire aircrew package, as much as the pilots.
  • 49th Wing 4th quarter load competition

    12 Airmen from the 9th Aircraft Maintenance Unit, 29th AMU, 314th Fighter Squadron and 311th FS competed in the 49th Wing’s fourth quarter load competition, Jan. 10, here.
  • Murphy lives here

    A few miles north of main base at Holloman Air Force Base in the Tularosa Basin of southern New Mexico, the 846th Test Squadron, known as the “Holloman High Speed Test Track,” or more affectionately (and recently) the “Rail Rattlers,” prides itself on planning and executing high-speed rocket sled tests, enabling critical weapon system development in support of the warfighter. The Holloman Track is the longest, 10 miles, and fastest, Mach 8-plus, facility of its kind. Since the beginning, the Track has operated under the vision of being “Second to None.”
  • VOODOO 1 aircrew receives AFMC Chief of Safety’s Aircrew of Distinction Award 2019

    An unexpected fire in any enclosed space is dangerous; a fire inside an airplane four miles in the sky with no way out can be deadly.