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  • Perseverance pays off

    A former MQ-9 sensor operator who commissioned and became an MQ-9 pilot, understands the value in asking for help. The process to become a commissioned officer for the Air Force was a long and challenging process for 1st Lt. Shack, 6th Attack Squadron MQ-9 Reaper instructor pilot, but he persevered with the help of many individuals. He hopes to pay forward the assistance he received by molding newer generations.
  • Electrical power production keeping Holloman powered

    With a mirage looming and mountains peeking through the landscape in the distance, Airmen soak up beaming rays of light while droplets of sweat and oil bead on their skin as they tighten the nuts and bolts of an aircraft safety barrier. The 49th Civil Engineer Squadron electrical power production shop supports Holloman’s missions by providing power supply to buildings and maintaining aircraft arresting systems on the flightline, as well as the anti-vehicle barriers found across the base.
  • Holloman 3-D printing enthusiasts produce comfort, safety care items

    Two Holloman Airmen turn their 3-D printing hobby into a beneficial pastime by creating items for essential personnel across the nation, which began in March 2020.
  • Paving the line for future Holloman operations

    The 49th Civil Engineer Squadron Pavements and Construction Equipment shop is vital to the 49th Wing mission. The Airmen are responsible for operating a maintaining heavy equipment, as well as repair and maintain the flightline, roads, and fencing across base.
  • Airmen of the night

    When the sun has set and any bright color remaining in the southern New Mexico sky has left, few people stay awake. While the streets are practically empty, there are a select few Airmen awake and turning the gears of the 49th Wing mission. This series will highlights the individuals who regularly follow the “service before self” Air Force core value by doing their job while others are asleep in the comforts of their home.
  • 54th OSS AFE flight provides masks for Airmen

    For Aircrew Flight Equipment Airmen, safety and precautionary measures are critical. On a daily basis, these team members pack parachutes, oxygen masks and prepare gear for pilots to ensure they have the proper equipment for flight. But now they are using their skills to provide additional protective gear to Airmen. With Holloman personnel now required to wear face coverings in areas where maintaining physical distancing is not possible to accomplish mission critical tasks, the AFE shop is one of many units on base that are making face coverings for the health protection of their people.
  • BEAR Base lends a paw to JBSA camp

    A low growl fills the air and drifts across the stony ground, like a momma bear defending her cub at the mouth of her cave. But, these growls are the low rumble of a long row of heavy trucks on the loading ramp at Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources Base, waiting to be loaded with important supplies. With a quick gesture from the gloved hand of a cloth, face-covered Airmen on the ramp, the air brakes squeal and hiss as the growls grow to a roar. A hint of diesel drifts on the breeze as the flatbed trucks march forward -- another truck is loaded, and more construction and maintenance supplies roll out to help the U.S. Air Force’s cubs – the Airmen at Basic Military Training in San Antonio.
  • One team; one fight

    Holloman First Sergeants and Chapel members carry snack bags with resources sheets around the dorms on Holloman Air Force Base, N.M. April 10, 2020. The goal of the visit was to provide quarantined Airmen with resources such as snacks and contact information in order to help them during their isolation and to insure they are in good health and spirits.
  • The show goes on

    While our nation is trying to slow down the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate its impacts by limiting all unnecessary interaction, the Air Force must continue to train and stay operationally ready.