Holloman 2020 Volunteer Recognition Ceremony

(Editor's note: Due to physical distancing measures, the 49th Wing did not hold their annual volunteer recognition ceremony.)

Holloman Air Force Base recently recognized its volunteers. To be honored in this year's "ceremony," members must have dedicated at least 50 hours to the local community. Honorees can be any Total Force Airmen, dependents or retirees.

Red Ribbon Medal Volunteers are members who donated between 50-100 hours of their time.  White Ribbon Medal Volunteers are members who donated between 101-200 hours of their time.  Blue Ribbon Medal Volunteers are members who donated between 201+ hours of their own time.  

Below is a list of all of the 49th Wing’s honorees:


MSgt Jessica Adams

Ms. Mary Aguilar

Capt Tony Alt

A1C Holley Barnes

TSgt Jason Belt

A1C Jay Black

A1C Jay Blach

A1C Ariana Brown

SSgt Nadaja Bullock

SrA Isidro Castro

SMSgt Mary Anne Chambers

MSgt Timothy Chambers

TSgt Julio Chavez

Ms. Tracey Clementson

A1C Cameron Coke

A1C Emily Crutchfield

Ms. Katelyn Crutchfield

SrA Payten Dampeer

SrA Grace De Amorim

Mr. Joseph Demanuel

Mr. Bud Duryea

2d Lt Steven Fagan

MSgt Daniel Falkenberry

Ms. Teresa Ferenczhalmy

Ms. Vanessa Fourcand

Mr. Tommy Fuller

TSgt Urzus Gange

TSgt Robert Gillmore

Mr. Daniel Gonzalez

Ms. Janeiry Gonzaulez

Ms. Olivia Goodier

TSgt Jasen Hasulnd

A1C Elizabeth Helle

TSgt Jordon Holveck

SrA Kevon Hyde

A1C Maurice James

Mr. Kevin Joyce

Ms. Kevina Joyce

Ms. Tweege Joyce

A1C Dominique Kemper

Ms. Rachel Kitchens

Ms. Amy Knautz

Capt Kris Langlois

Ms. Marty Langlois

SrA Leslie Lenoir

SSgt Favian Lugo

TSgt Andrew Luna

TSgt Luis Luna

SrA Carlo Madriaga

Ms. Bonnie Maxilom

Mr. Cyrus Maxilom

A1C Keanau Menor

Capt Chelsie Miller

Ms. Carmen Morales

Mr. Noah Mueller

A1C Roderick Mukes

Ms. Jackie Parrish

Ms. Sara Quails

Ms. Lucille Roche

A1C Abel Ruvalcaba

Ms. Chakrya Sam

Ms. Prachnya Sam

Mr. Sangva Sam

Mr. Sangvat Sam

Ms. Soniya Sam

Ms. Soreya Sam

SrA Kristina Sanchez

Ms. Kathy Schoening

MSgt Dwight Scott

Ms. Jazzmyn Seenauth

Ms. Ranae Seenauth

Ms. Tara Sinkule

Ms. Kristen Spence

Ms. Bonnie Stage

Ms. Cynthia Taylor

SMSgt Eric Vasquez

MSgt Brian Wellman

Ms. Kalin Wellman

SrA Joshua Young

Mr. Mike Zmuda



Ms. Stephanie Banks

Mr. Buch Barnes

Ms. Debbie Barnes

Ms. Melissa Bisson

Mr. Don Boots

SrA Jonathan Bracks

SSgt Alyse Coleman

Ms. Lany Cooper

Ms. Regina Crawford

Ms. Janet Cuatt

A1C Gabriel Delgado

Ms. Lina Duran

TSgt Paige Ehnis

Ms. Kaye Ekman

TSgt Benjamin Emigh

A1C Caleb Ewen

TSgt Sara Farruggia

Ms. Cally Finnegan

Ms. Alma Fontanez-Serrano

Capt Molly Frank

SrA Robert Frey

TSgt Miguel Gil

Ms. LaurieAnn Goodier

SSgt Chandrika Gore

2 Lt Layton Graves

SSgt Kelvin Grover

Mr. Rick Guidry

MSgt Travis Hass

SrA Belinda Hernandez

Ms. Janice Huber

Ms. Stacy Jensby

MSgt John Kelly

SrA Jade Kigar

Ms. Elise Kunihiro

MSgt Rosendo Lugo

Ms. Jessica Luna

TSgt Daniel McArdle

A1C Caleb Mitchell

SrA Brian Paulus

Ms. Jenny Pearson

SrA Isaac Peek

SSgt Kaila Poole

Mr. Ken Quade

Ms. Maria Quade

Ms. Kumiko Quails

Mr. Aiden Quails

MSgt Anthony Quails

SrA Jonathan Randall

Ms. Kecrya Sam

A1C Gavin Sommerfield

Ms. Karin Tidgewell

Ms. Brenda Travis

Mr. Joe Travis

Ms. Stacy Typolt

Ms. Selah Typolt

Lt Col Ryan Typolt

SrA Jerycho Valdez

A1C Autumn Vogt

A1C Kristen Weathersby

Ms. Madison Wellman

Ms. Hannah Wellman



Ms. Sherry Alverson

SrA Kiana Anderson

SSgt Takiyah Anderson

SrA Nathaniel Avila

Mr. Roland Bailey

TSgt Yvette Barcelona

Ms. Sariah Baze

Mr. Andy Braucci

SSgt Amanda Brenan

Mr. Dave Brightman

Ms. Ann Brinegar

Mr. Joe Brinegar

Ms. Brianne Brown

Mr. Calvin Burton

Ms. Sunee Burton

Ms. Kristy Cain

Mr. Joe Chambers

Ms. Sara Chambers

Mr. Roland  Cooper

Ms. Rhonda Copeland

Ms. Jamie Crowell

Ms. Ashlei Davis

Lt Col Brian Davis

TSgt Yelida Del Valle Ruiz

Ms. Ann DeRoy

Maj Naomi Donovan

Ms. Nicole Drooger

Ms. Sarah Girven

Mr. DJ Hale

Ms. Kira Haslund

TSgt Keisha Hill

Mr. Keith Hingel

SrA Benjamin Honor-McKeen

SSgt Ashley Hussain

Ms. Denise King

MSgt Daniel Knautz

Mr. David Kunihiro

Mr. Dean Latona

Ms. Pat Latona

TSgt Joaquin Lujan

Ms. Margaret Marak

Ms. Naomi McArdle

Ms. Erin Merrell

Ms. Melissa Mueller

SSgt Calvin Muskin Jr.

Ms. Jenny Nelson

TSgt Eric Nolan

Ms. Melissa Olivadoti

SSgt Bradley Phillips

SrA Kaitlynn Powers

SrA Darian Price

Ms. Patty Quinn

Maj Kelly Ralston

Ms. Nayelley Rodriguez

SrA Trent Schindler

Ms. Kathy Schoening

Ms. Kristen Sell

Ms. Shannon Sowders

SSgt Heather Stinson

TSgt Uri Swingle

Mr. Edward Townsend

Mr. Chris Tyler

Ms. Katie Velez

Ms. Monika Wagner

Maj Nikita Wetherbee

MSgt Amy Wilharber

Ms. Hannah Yelton

Ms. Danielle Yelton


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