49th Mission Support Group

49th Civil Engineer Squadron

The 49th Civil Engineer Squadron has two primary missions to support Air Force Contingency taskings and Team Holloman’s missions. The first is to prepare Airmen in 16 diverse specialties to deploy in support of contingency taskings. The second is to provide facilities and infrastructure that make up the Holloman Air Force Base operating platform from which Airmen launch and conduct Air Force missions. The squadron’s motto, "Engineers – Lead the Way!" synopsizes the unit's sense of pride and mission focus at home and deployed.

Six flights deliver Engineering, Installation Management, Operations, Emergency Management, Fire Protection, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).  Holloman's three runways and the accompanying air space comprise the most complex aerodrome in Air Combat Command. The base covers over 59,000 acres and includes 7.4 million square feet of facilities. The physical plant is valued at over $2.5 billion.

Engineering Flight

The Engineering Flight manages the Base Comprehensive Asset Management Plan (BCAMP), Community Planning Program and the Energy Management Program to make informed land development, infrastructure, facility, and energy use and reduction investment decisions.  The flight provides cradle-to-grave project development and execution for all contractor-executed construction projects ensuring sustainable outcomes, optimizing or minimizing life-cycle costs, and  meeting customer quality and mission requirements.  The flight also manages the Airfield Safety Waiver Program to insure all facility and infrastructure risks to flight safety are identified, assessed for risk and corrected, if practical.  Finally, the flight provides Installation Geospatial Information and Services (IGIS), computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and surveying, supporting construction, emergency response, aircraft accident investigations and community planning.

Installation Management Flight

The Installation Management Flight manages the installation’s Environmental Compliance Program, Privatized housing and dormitory spaces, and the squadron’s budgets.  The Environmental Compliance Element ensures the base is in compliance with all environmental laws, regulations, NEPA, and Sikes Act.  The Military Family Housing (MFH) Element oversees the Privatized Family housing and manages dorm space.  The Resources Flight is responsible for managing/executing 49 CES O&M and MFH budgets; managing all aspects of information systems, to acquire/account for/manage/dispose of real estate at five sites and support/account for 548 civilian/military/contract positions. The flight consist of Environmental Compliance, MFH and Resources.

Operations Flight

The Operations Flight consists of 260 military and civilian engineers who perform maintenance and repair for 59K acres of land, 6K miles of infrastructure, including 6.2M Square Feet of facilities making it the 3rd largest in ACC. These engineers routinely respond to emergency utility and infrastructure repairs, and consist of structural, pavement, water, sewer, fire suppression, electric, fuel distribution, heating, air conditioning, pest management, material control, self-help and customer service elements. The Operations Flight accounts for 60% of the 49 WG’s O&M Budget.

Emergency Management Flight

The Emergency Management Flight ensures civil engineer forces are prepared for short-notice deployment and contingency operations.

Fire Protection Flight

The Fire Protection Flight provides fire protection and crash rescue services.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Flight

At Holloman AFB the EOD Flight is responsible for rendering safe and disposing of hazardous explosive ordnance around base, the high speed test track, and at White Sands Missile Range. The EOD Flight is responsible for annually clearing three bombing ranges with over 800 targets on over 435,000 acres of White Sands Missile Range. The EOD Flight also works with the US Secret Service protecting dignitaries such as foreign leaders of state and the President of the United States. EOD also deploys over 12 people a year to Afghanistan and Iraq to combat roadside IEDs, weapon caches, and terrorist activities in support of the Global War on Terrorism.


49th Communications Squadron

The 49th Communications Squadron provides mission-ready communications-computer services for the 49th Fighter Wing and tenant units to ensure the capability to perform remotely piloted aircraft and F-16 aircrew training missions

Squadron personnel maintain network infrastructure, small computer systems, cryptographic equipment including secure telephones, land mobile radios and a range-wide radio over internet protocol microwave network.

The squadron also manages and operates the telephone switchboard and systems, radio frequencies, records management, base communications security, communications plans and cyber security programs.


49th Contracting Squadron

The 49th Contracting Squadron directs contracting programs and provides business advice on an average of 700 contract actions valued in excess of $55 million annually. We support the acquisition and administration of commodities, services, and construction requirements in support of the 49th Fighter Wing and 18 tenant units including the 46th Test Group, 54th Fighter Group, German Air Force Flying Training Center, 635th Material Maintenance Group, and Joint Task Force North.

The squadron also supports major acquisition efforts, including the planning, solicitation, award, and administration of contracts for medical, logistics, supply, services, and construction requirements for current operations and the maintenance and upgrade of the base infrastructure and quality-of-life enhancements.

The 49th Contracting Squadron manages the base Government Purchase Card program valued at more than $10 million annually with over 13,000 contract actions.

49 CONS is responsible for quality, delivery, and timely customer mission support in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations and public law; in addition to providing world class contingency contracting services in support of deployments and emergency operations.


49th Force Support Squadron
 The 49th Force Support Squadron’s goal is to enable the mission of the 49th Wing, which is to graduate combat ready RPA aircrew, support Team Holloman, and feed the fight.  The squadron has eight flights that provide a wide-range of services including military and civilian human resource support, food, fitness, lodging, family readiness, childcare, youth programs, education services, a library, professional development, recreational activities, and restaurant options. These services are available to 12,000 active duty members, civilian employees, retirees, and dependents with access to Holloman.

Airman and Family Services Flight
The A&FRC provides consultation services to senior leaders and commanders, assisting them in developing and executing policies, programs and processes which enhance individual, family and community readiness, resiliency and quality of life. The A&FRC provides targeted support, programs, and services for the well-being of the Air Force community by assisting individuals and families adapt to the challenges and demands of expeditionary operations and the military lifestyle.  It also offers proactive and preventive services that promote self-sufficiency. Core programs include, but are not limited to relocation, Air Force Aid, Casualty Reporting and SBP counseling, Personal Financial Management, Military Child Education, Relocation Assistance, Volunteering, Employment Services/Transition Assistance Program, Personal and Work Life, Exceptional Family Member Program assistance, and Information and Referral. Family Services and the Women, Infants, and Children’s program are also co-located with the A&FRC. This flight is also responsible for our Child Development Centers, Youth and Teen Center, School Age Care, and Family Child Care. 

Community Services Flight
The Community Services Flight provides leisure-time facilities and equipment to meet the social and recreational needs of the Holloman community. Club Holloman and the community activity center are leisure-time facilities that can also be reserved for official functions.  Outdoor recreation provides rental equipment and activities including

paintball, rock climbing, an outdoor ropes course, high adventure programs, skeet and trap shooting, and a Fam Camp. Club Holloman, Oasis Pizzeria and Sports Bar, Tenpin Cantina, Shenanigans Bar, Brewed Awakenings and Mojo’s Coffee all offer delicious food and drink choices. Community Services also runs Desert Lanes Bowling, Apache Mesa Golf Course, the Auto hobby shop, Arts and crafts, Aero club, and discounts on travel and events with the Information, Tickets & Travel office (located in the CAC).

Force Development Flight

The Education Services Center offers a variety of educational services to Team Holloman members. The center has a broad academic offering for military members.  New Mexico State University Alamogordo, Park University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University are represented at Holloman.  Airman Leadership School is provided as professional military education for Senior Airmen.  Each graduate will complete 192 hours of education and receive 9 semester hours of credit through the Community College of the Air Force.  Professional Development Center develops ready, relevant and informed enlisted leaders for tomorrow’s AF.  Additionally, Ahren’s Library provides information assistance to all, education assistance to the military and quality of life programs for families.


Manpower and Personnel Flight
The Military Personnel Section handles all military personnel issues pertaining to active-duty, reserve and retired service members and their dependents assigned to Holloman AFB and its tenant units. Included in the military personnel areas of responsibility are Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), assignments, official passports, decorations, promotions, reenlistments, separations and evaluations. Civilian personnel and Non-Appropriated Funds Human Resources both provide human resource support including recruitment services, labor relations, processing personnel actions, compensation, conduct and discipline. The Civilian Personnel section advises and assists commanders and supervisors on federal personnel rules, regulations, and procedures concerning Department of the Air Force and Department of Defense employees. The Manpower and Organization section provides combat ready forces through the quantification, allocation, and organization of human capital through analyses and studies of a wide diversity of organizations, functions, and work processes. MO is also responsible for Wing’s Air Force Continuous Process Improvement (AFCPI) program and Airman Powered by Innovation (API) program.  MO offers courses to leaders and managers including Manpower Management, the Practical Problem Solving Model (8-Step) and managing the Unit Manpower Document (UMD) and the Unit Manning Personnel Roster (UMPR).


Marketing Flight and Resource Management Flight

Marketing is responsible for publicizing FSS events through HollomanFSS.com website, “myAirForceLife” phone app, Facebook pages, and online magazine. Marketing also provides printing services for anyone who submits an order request on base. These purchase orders can range from large banners to digital prints for unit going away gifts. Marketing presents FSS resources available on base in the FSS video provided at Holloman Newcomer’s Orientation and is also responsible for collecting data regarding customer demand for FSS products and services.  FSS resource management is the gatekeeper for all fundraisers on base. Members wishing to start a fundraiser must fill out a fundraiser application and submit to resource management for approval. Once approved, the fundraiser can begin.

Operations Flight

The Operations Flight oversees squadron operations including major programs and processes. The Operations Flight ensures the unit complies with readiness requirements and implements plans for emergency situations. Within the flight, installation personnel readiness ensures all military members on base are assigned to deployment bands, deployments taskings are filled, that members receive deployment orders and depart for their taskings. It also serves as the office of primary responsibility for Honor Guard and mortuary services on the base.

Sustainment Services Flight
Sustainment Services Flight takes pride in providing unmatched customer service by offering Food Service, Lodging and Fitness in support of Air Force readiness and peacetime mission. The Shifting Sands Dining Facility delivers high-quality, nutritionally balanced meals to all of Team Holloman. The Holloman Inn is driven to provide outstanding clean and comfortable rooms for all transient personnel 24 hours every day.  The Domenici Fitness Center offers 24 hour access, aerobics classes, personal training, state of the art fitness equipment, an indoor pool, saunas, indoor and outdoor running tracks, and a café to provide a place for all customers to meet their individual health goals or to grab a coffee, smoothie or sandwich.


49th Logistics Readiness Squadron

 The 49th Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) provides comprehensive logistics support to include Distribution Management, Fuels Management, Materiel Management, and Contingency Operations functions sustaining the 49 WG and 18 associate units.

Deployment and Distribution Flight
The Deployment and Distribution Flight consists of 103 military and civilian professionals. It is responsible for the centralized command and control, planning, and execution of all wing deployment operations and distribution of cargo, passengers, and personal property. Its Vehicle Operations section is the single source for safe and efficient organic ground transportation of personnel and cargo within and between installations in support of daily and contingency operations. The flight executes DoD traffic management policy and procedures to obtain transportation services in addition to operating the Small Air Terminal and Passenger Movement functions.

Vehicle Maintenance Flight
Vehicle Maintenance is responsible for maintaining a safe and serviceable fleet throughout their lifecycle. They direct and control over 10,000 statistical and historical data points identifying trends and eliminating maintenance problems. Vehicle Management maintains over 1,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment supporting four MAJCOMs, 18 tenant units, and the German Air Force.

Materiel Management Flight
Materiel Management is the largest flight in the Logistics Readiness Squadron with over 130 military and civilian supply professionals. Material Management is directly responsible for supply accounts worth $572M for the F-22, T-38, and two RPA units as well as 18 associate units. The flight also directs the receipt, storage, issue, and accountability of 31,000 line items of equipment valued at over $90M to include 8,700 mobility bags and 2,500 weapons.

Fuels Management Flight
The Fuels Management Flight consists of 72 military and civilian professionals and leaders. The Fuels Flight is responsible for providing clean, dry, serviceable fuel and cryogenic products to the Wing mission in the air and on the ground. The flight manages $104M in assets and a fuel inventory worth $58M. The flight assists eight MAJCOMs, 18 units, and 98 aircraft worth $4B. Over 38K fuel transactions are processed annually. The Fuels Service Center is the focal point of all operations and the heartbeat of the flight. Flight personnel carry out receiving, transferring, sampling, testing, accounting, readiness, storage, and issue operations on a daily basis.


49th Security Forces Squadron

The 49th Security Forces squadron is considered a large-sized unit with over 267 military and civilian personnel.  The 49 SFS is committed to and focused on defending the base 24-hours a day, 365-days-a-year.

The squadron provides integrated defense and law enforcement operations for Team Holloman Airmen, their families and community.  In addition, the squadron provides a secure environment that enables the development of the world's best professional RPA enterprise while also providing 100 combat ready Airmen to Combatant Commanders in support of worldwide AEF taskings. 

Security forces personnel manage physical security, resource protection and information security programs involving more than 17,000 military and civilian personnel, a resident population in excess of 5,000 and $7.3 billion in U.S. Air Force resources. Security forces is directly responsible for securing a 66K acre installation which contains ACC's most diverse airfield.