49th Materiel Maintenance Group

The 49th Materiel Maintenance Group is a world-class team of diverse professionals providing mission-ready equipment for global power and reach -- anytime, anywhere, at a moment's notice.

The group is responsible for the storage, inspection, repair, deployment and accountability of bare base assets belonging to Air Combat Command. The group's 431 authorized personnel encompass 42 Air Force specialties and are responsible for bare base assets worth over $234 million.

The group responds worldwide for the deployment, setup, operation, maintenance, teardown and reconstitution of equipment in support of contingencies, exercises, counterdrug operations and other higher headquarters-directed requirements. Additionally, the group provides a mobile training team that instructs other Department of Defense personnel in deployed bare base operations.

The 49th Materiel Maintenance Group is currently working with ACC Headquarters and Air Expeditionary Force Battlelab to adapt the Air Expeditionary Force concept to its Harvest Falcon assets, further increasing the speed in which a bare base can become operational.

These assets are currently divided among two systems: Harvest Eagle and Harvest Falcon.

Harvest Eagle assets are green in color and provide billeting, kitchen, shower and latrine support for a 550-person bare base.

Harvest Falcon assets are tan in color and consist of housekeeping sets, an industrial operations set, and initial flight line and follow-on flight line sets. The housekeeping sets provide billeting with heating and cooling, a kitchen, showers, latrines, and high-voltage power generators for an 1100-person encampment.

The Harvest Falcon industrial operations set provides base support functions and backshop maintenance capability. The initial flight line and follow-on flight line sets provide the aircraft hangars, mobile aircraft arresting systems, emergency airfield lighting systems, and additional structures and utilities to support fighter aircraft sortie generation at a bare base. The group keeps this equipment at the highest state of readiness to support worldwide contingency operations. 

Support and Relief Efforts

- Operation Just Cause -- Panama
- Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm
- Operation Provide Comfort -- Turkey
- Operation Uphold Democracy -- Haitian and Uban relief efforts
- Hurricane Andrew relief
- Continuing enhanced counter narcotics operations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America
- Space shuttle contingency support
- Operations Deny Flight and Provide Promise -- Croatia
- Operation Joint Endeavor -- Bosnia
- Presidential support missions to Africa and China
- Operation Southern Watch -- Southwest Asia