Military and Family Readiness Center

Your Holloman Air Force Base Military & Family Readiness Center, M&FRC, serves as a focal point for personal readiness and provides core functions such as information, referral, counseling and follow-up; coordination and consultation with other base and civilian agencies to strengthen base policies and programs; assistance for base leadership to meet personal and family needs; and life education and skills programs. It is professionally staffed to provide several programs and services:

Mobilization and deployment readiness/disaster response
- Pre-deployment and reintegration briefings for both deployed and family members
- Families Apart programs
- Morale Call sign ups
- Key Spouse training
- Air Force Aid sponsored deployment programs
- Emergency Family Assistance Control Center
- Crisis Assistance
- Link to emergency management agencies

Relocation assistance program
- Newcomer's Orientation and tours
- Adopt-an-Airman Program
- Plan my Move Workshop
- Database of off-base community agencies

Economic readiness and support
- Managing Credit
- Home Buying and Selling
- Investments and IRAs
- Saving Money
- Checkbook Management
- Budget Counseling

Employment/career support, transition assistance and volunteerism
- Individual Transition Counseling
- Three-day Transition Assistance Seminar
- Disability Transition Assistance Seminar
- Spouse employment assistance
- Job fairs
- Resume/job search assistance and classes
- Annual volunteer recognition ceremony
- Volunteer opportunities

Air Force Aid Society
- Emergency assistance
- Falcon Loan Program
- Educational grants
- Community enhancement programs

Exceptional member family program
- Community information and education
- Information/referral & advocacy

Personal & worklife education and crisis intervention
- Immediate short term intervention & referral services
- Healthy relationships
- Resiliency training
- Spouse's deployment discussion groups
- Heart Link

School Liaison Officer
- Assist with school transitions
- Provide information and connections
- Support learning and future achievement
- Located in building 29

Women, Infant and Children (WIC)
- Located at building 222
- Provides nutritional services & support

Family services
- Newborn Layette Program
- Lending Locker

Discovery Resource Center
- Resume and job search assistance
- Self-help software programs
- Self-help book and video resources
- Computer work stations

Air Force Wounded Warrior Program
- One-on-one consultation with Airmen and family
- Employment assistance
- Disability claims
- Intake/interview

Air Force Casualty Services Program
- Survivor Benefit Plan counseling
- VA and Military Survivor Pension claims
- Government life Insurance claims
- Retired pay estimates

Military family Life Consultant
- Nonmedical counseling by licensed counselor
- Address daily life issues
- Deployment reintegration issues
- Communication challenges
- Marital and family relations

M&FRC deployment programs

Pre-deployment briefing: A briefing to provide information to both single and married military members and families. Readiness briefings emphasize the need for preparing and reviewing personal and family documents, and family-care plans. Deployment, separation and reunion issues are discussed as well as Military and Family Readiness Center and community resources that are available during deployments. Briefings can be conducted on a walk-in basis or at your unit. Family members are encouraged to attend briefing.

Morale Call Program: Every deployed or remotely assigned active duty member is entitled to identify an individual eligible to call that member at no charge via a DSN line. Usually, but not always, the designee is the spouse or the person providing care for the minor children of the military member. After enrolled, the Military and Family Readiness Center gives calling information to the base telephone operator. Calls are placed to DSN numbers only and limited to 15 minutes in duration. The length of the separation determines the number of calls allowed. For families who will be elsewhere during the deployment: Our staff will coordinate with other Military and Family Readiness Centers to support you with morale calls from that area, if possible.

Families Apart: Families Apart holds a free dinner periodically that is for spouses and children that are temporarily separated from the Air Force member due to military assignments, temporary duty (TDY), remotes or a permanent change of station (PCS). It's always a very relaxed and informal get together and a great chance to relax and socialize. The dinner is usually from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Families Apart also sponsors special events and trips for the whole family.

Families Apart newsletter: Monthly newsletter to keep families of deployed/TDY/remote members up to date on base happenings, the next Families Apart Dinner, classes available through the M&FRC, and tips on ways to get through the stresses of deployment.

Readiness baskets: These two programs help kids deal with family separations due to deployments or remote tours. Readiness baskets are put together to provide kids with a "Ready" Teddy Bear, coloring books, crayons and stickers.

Pictures on pillowcases: This terrific program imprints family member pictures on pillowcases for the Air Force member to take with him or her. It also imprints pictures of the Air Force member on pillowcases to leave with loved ones. Each member can add a personal message to the pillowcase.

Outreach services: The Military and Family Readiness Center stands ready to assist by following-up with all family members and families with special needs, such as a spouse that does not speak English, or a newlywed that is unfamiliar with Air Force policy, procedures, customs and acronyms. Outreach includes information and referral when where to go, or what to do, is unclear.

Workshops/classes: Individual or group workshops are offered on deployment topics at the Military and Family Readiness Center to include: Coping with Family Separation and Deployment, Stress Management, Improving Communication Skills and Anger Management. The monthly calendar of events published by the Holloman Military and Family Readiness Center is an excellent resource for information on these and other community classes.

Key Spouse program: A partnership between squadrons and the Military and Family Readiness Center designed to maximize support to families. Key Spouses, appointed by participating squadron commanders, are trained at the Military and Family Readiness Center on many of the needs families may have, how to respond effectively and the resources available.

Reunion: The long anticipated reunion with your spouse can be both joyful and stressful. All Air Force members returning from deployment are required to attend a reunion briefing to ease the return. Spouses are enthusiastically encouraged to attend with the Air Force member, or can request a one-on-one briefing.

One Stop: Single parents or mil-to-mil parents who are both deployed and who are leaving their minor children in the care of someone who does not have a military ID card must contact the Military and Family Readiness Center. We provide a "One-Stop" service to brief these care givers on all available services and we also issue them an all purpose card that gives them access to base services such as the commissary, BX, etc.

For more information on any program or to request additional support or programs, contact the M&FRC at 575-572-7754.

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