586th Flight Test Squadron

Based at Holloman AFB, NM, the 586th Flight Test Squadron (586th FLTS) conducts all-domain prototyping, experimentation, Flight Test, and test support.
The squadron supports innovative and aggressive technology development of sensors, networks, computers, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), weapons, and other emergent fields through Flight Test. We operate 4 modified and customizable T-38Cs, 2 C-12Js, and 1 C-12F, which are equipped to support a wide variety of flight test operations. The aircraft and test team are available for deployment to support flight test across the country.
586th FLTS Support Features
Flexible: In house-engineering expertise and maintenance support allows the squadron to fabricate and integrate a myriad of technology for customers. The 586th can assist with test conducting and design, provide technical expertise, execute the test, or simply provide bed down support at the squadron.
Culture: The 586th FLTS team are highly experienced, motivated, and adaptive critical thinkers. We aim to innovate and collaborate with equally motivated partners to meet customer needs while maturing core warfighter technologies and develop enabling test ecosystems.
Access: The 586th FLTS is located adjacent to the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), giving customers access to customizable ground targets. Additional airspace around the base is available if WSMR is not required.
T-38C Overview
The 586th FLTS operates four T-38C aircraft assigned to the 704th Test Group. These aircraft are modified for test, test support, target, and photo/safety chase. An optional rear cockpit pallet, centerline pylon, and dorsal spine equipment tray can all be customized for test equipment.
T-38 C Performance Capabilities
• Max Speed: 1.1 Mach
• Operational altitudes: 200ft AGL - 40,000 feet
• Highly maneuverable: 5g's w/pod, 7.2g's w/o pod
• On board data and video recording or downlink TM and video
• Deployable, low-cost, and reliable test bed
• Carriage of customer-provided payloads available (internal/external)
• Max external pod weight: 3,000 lbs
• Max rear cockpit pallet weight: 393 lbs
C-12J & F Overview
The C-12J and F are low-cost, versatile testbed aircraft that can carry internal payloads on racks, external payloads on bottom pylons, and customizable antennas. An on-board Time Space Position Instrumentation (TSPI) provides a reference for systems under test. 400 total amps of 28 Volt DC are available for test equipment. The J-model can carry up to four fully powered, independent test racks with an operator for each rack, configurable for customer equipment. Two pylons on the bottom of the C-12J are available for external pod carry. Additionally, there are six customizable antenna locations on the upper and lower portions of the C-12J that can be utilized for customer antenna requirements.
C-12 J Performance Capabilities
• Max Speed: 247 KIAS/0.47 Mach
• Min Speed: 105 KIAS
• Max Ceiling: 25,000 feet
• Max Payload: 3,300 pounds
• Modified antennas and customer-specific antenna configurations possible
• On board data and video recording or downlink TM and video
• Deployable low cost, reliable test bed
• Carriage of customer provided payloads available (internal/external)
• Modular system for easy installation and operation of new test equipment
Future capabilities at the 586th include MPU5 radios in the T-38s for real-time telemetry downstream and AgilePods for customer use. The Open Architecture AgilePod contains modular compartments that can be customized for a plethora of different sensors and mission sets.
Call the 586th FLTS today at 575-572-1222 to discuss flight hour prices and availability to flight test your technology with us today.