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New Arrivals

Lodging: People who arrive during non-duty hours should report to the 24-hour central arrival point at the lodging office in building 583. The telephone number there is 575-572-3311. Reservations should be made prior to arrival and pet-friendly TLF rooms available upon request.

Getting Set Up: The Holloman FSS website (http://hollomanfss.com/FSS/) is available to provide you info about Airman & Family Readiness Center resources, the Child Development Center, Family Childcare program, dining choices, fitness center hours, recreational activities and personnel related issues.

Military Personnel Section: Once you have checked in with your squadron’s Commander Support Staff, you will need to visit MPS in Bldg 222, within two duty days of arrival. The MPS is open from 0800-1400, Monday through Friday. Please be sure to bring copies of your Orders and IDA worksheet. At MPS in-processing, your arrival will be verified and you will be scheduled for Holloman Newcomer’s Orientation (HNO) or First Term Airmen’s Course (FTAC) if you are a first-term Airman. HNO is held one Tuesday a month and includes several informative briefings about the mission at Holloman and activities available on and off-base. Spouses are encouraged to attend. FTAC is a week-long class geared to orient brand new Airmen to the base.

Finance Office: Finance is located in building 222, the same building as MPF, and are open Monday through Friday from 0830 to 1530, but close early on Wednesdays at 1400 for training purposes. In-processing at Holloman AFB is all done online via PiPS (permanent party ONLY). PiPS can be found on the AF Portal or under this link: https://efinanceworkspace.wpafb.af.mil/GovWarning.aspx PiPS information, including setting up your computer, can be found on our sharepoint. We also have a guide you can use to complete your PiPS package on your own. 49 CPTS sharepoint -> PiPS Guide and Information: https://holloman.eim.acc.hedc.af.mil/49_WGSTAFF/49CPTS/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx     

If you require assistance completing your voucher, we currently hold two briefings a week at the base library for one-on-one assistance with PiPS. To sign up please give us a call using the PCS section number above. You may also complete the package on your own if you wish. Failure to in-process in

a timely manner will result in debt(s)/loss of BAH.


**Briefing requirements:

- Attire is UOD

- Your CAC is required to sign your package; you must have computer access prior to the briefing

- Please have all copies of receipts scanned prior to arriving at the library

- Be on time, call 24 hours prior if you need to reschedule.


Important Finance Phone Numbers: PCS section (DSN 572-3770), Customer Service section (DSN 572-3778), DTS section (DSN 572-3548), separations & retirements section (DSN 572-2805)


Medical: For TRICARE, you must enroll in the West region to be seen at the clinic or at urgent care (with a referral from the clinic at Holloman). Call United Healthcare at 1-877-988-9378 to complete enrollment. For emergencies, members can go to the Gerald Champion Medical Center Emergency Room located at 2669 Scenic Dr, Alamogordo, NM, 88310. To validate your individual medical readiness, Active Duty members MUST report to Public Health as soon as possible, after enrolling in Tricare, on Wednesday at 0730. Public Health is located in Bldg 15 (280 1st St) and can be reached at Comm: (575) 572-3306 or DSN: 572-3306. Please do not eat or drink before arriving to Public Health on Wednesday.