Holloman Air Force Base Stormwater Protection Program

Stormwater is the flow of water that results from precipitation and occurs immediately following rainfall or as a result of snowmelt.

Stormwater runoff is regulated under the Clean Water Act and can have a number of impacts on the environment, wildlife, livestock and people. There are both civil and criminal penalties for violating the Clean Water Act.
Stormwater flows across the ground and pavement when it rains or when snow and ice melt. The water seeps into the ground or drains into what we call storm sewers or just flows over undeveloped land. Storm sewers are the drains you see at street corners or at low points on the sides of streets. Collectively, the draining water is called stormwater runoff. It eventually flows into lakes, rivers, wetlands and oceans.

Stormwater is a concern because of the pollutants it can carry. These pollutants have the potential to harm or kill fish and wildlife. They can also pose a danger to people who swim or fish in these waters. Stormwater can also affect the landscape in unwanted ways such as mudslides.

Holloman Air Force Base has had a stormwater management program since the mid 1990's. Some of the highlights of this program are: 

- All stormwater sampling is completely automated. Sampling the stormwater is one way of ensuring that we are following our permit. These samplers are located at each outfall, or area where stormwater accumulates and leaves an industrial location, such as the flight line. Holloman Air Force Base has eleven drainage areas. Holloman is one of the few bases in the Air Force to have a completely automated sampling system. 

- The stormwater program manager works with the various Unit Environmental Coordinators to train all personnel on how to effectively keep its industrial pollutants out of the stormwater drainage system. Holloman is the only base in the Air Combat Command to have its own stormwater training module on the Air Force Training Network. 

- Holloman Air Force Base personnel work with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Air Force Regional Environmental Office to ensure that our permit meets all of the Clean Water Act requirements and is accurate. Holloman personnel also work the US Army Corps of Engineers to ensure that all protectable waters are properly identified. 

- Holloman Air Force Base personnel work with construction contractors to ensure that new construction does not adversely affect the stormwater effluents near their projects.

The following links contains more information on the Holloman Air Force Base Storm Water program, including the actual EPA Permit and associated documentation as well as information on storm water requirements for construction projects and a stormwater training module. Any questions can be forwarded to the Holloman Air Force Base Storm Water Program Manager at 572-39391.