572-Ride Program

If anyone is interested in becoming a 572-Ride volunteer, here is how the program works:

Volunteers are on standby for a one week period, Thursday (0001hrs) - Wednesday (2359hrs). This means you must be able to be reached whether it is by phone, cell phone or pager 24/7 for the week you volunteer, except during duty hours.

Requests (calls) are made through the base operator and are then patched to your phone number. (Phone numbers are not given out to callers.) You must get the pick-up info from the requester. 

Female volunteers only pick up females and male volunteers only pick up males, with the exception of a male and female group, male or female callers may be called out.

Three day passes will automatically be awarded to volunteers who are called out at least one time per week for a total of 5 weeks. The 3 day passes will be sent out quarterly. (Remember, redeeming a 3-day pass is still subject to the discretion of your duty section.) Civilian personal are offered a time off award.

The information needed to become a volunteer is:
Full name:
Email address (Holloman server only):
DSN: 572-
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:

Upon receipt of your personal information you will be added into the 572-RIDE database and you will begin receiving driver requests on a weekly basis. You may volunteer for just 1 week to see if it is something that you want to do on a continuing basis.

Contact your first sergeant to get in touch with the 572-RIDE representative.