Eployment Assistance Program

Your AFRC offers employment assistance through the Employment Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP was established to provide information, assistance and training to applicants enabling them to enter or re-enter the job market by giving directions on how and where to look for employment.

The EAP offers a free service to applicants and employers. Military spouses are a tremendous asset in business and volunteer work. They have a large degree of sophistication and flexibility due to travel and work experience. The talent, education, and experience levels vary from eager to learn volunteers to efficient managers.

We can provide to you:

Job Leads
Career Counseling and Advising
Resume/Application Critique
Educational Information
Workshops that provide information on resume writing, interviewing skills, and a host of other job search subjects.
The EAP is available to all active duty and retired spouses and family members, active duty and retired military members, and DoD civilians and their family members.

Seminar and Workshops

Employment Assistance Workshop
This workshop provides an overview of job opportunities on Holloman as well as in the local community.

Resumes and Cover Letters:
Writing a resume is an in-depth process through which an individual examines his/her career goals, work history, and personal attributes. Taking time and energy to produce an effective resume not only can result in a quality product which highlights pertinent experience but also builds confidence by recognizing the individual's abilities.

Participants in this workshop will gain a better understanding of the role of the resume in the employment process. They will also learn to create an effective resume and about the various formats that this document can take.

Interviewing Skills:
The job interview is the key that can unlock the door to employment. Answering an interviewer's questions with good, solid responses, is important. Additionally, the individual interested in doing well should know how to prepare for an interview, how to create a good appearance, and how to follow-up on an interview.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
The SBDC provides counseling and assistance to persons who have or are contemplating starting a business. Individual counseling appointments are available at the AFRC with a representative from the SBDC on Wednesday mornings and are available to all active duty and retired members. All services are free and confidential. Please contact the AFRC at 572-7754 to make appointments.