Family and LIfe Skills Education

Family and Life Skills Education includes all programs designed to help single and married Air Force members and their families and authorized DoD civilians adapt to current and future changes in their lives.
Individual sessions are available to address such topics as stress management, conflict management, couples communication, or any of the topics listed below.

Seminars And Workshops

Stress Management:
Stress identification and coping strategies. Take care of stress today.

Improving Communication Skills at Home and Work:
The purpose of this class is to increase awareness of verbal, nonverbal, one-way and two-way communication, and to promote open communication.

Assertiveness Training:
An overview of individual personality types; passive, assertive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive. Emphasis will be on promoting assertiveness by increasing awareness of our choices of communication styles. Learning how to say no without feeling guilty will also be discussed.

When confronted with a problem, it's often difficult to see alternative solutions, options, and possibilities. This workshop teaches techniques, which afford creativity, increase choices, and improves the chances of decision- making satisfaction.

Time Management and Goal Setting:
This class is for individuals who feel like they have a "MILLION" things to get done "RIGHT NOW"!! Focus is on improving time management skills through goal setting and prioritizing.

Couples Communication - (Four Part Session):
This class will focus on effective communication skills. We will discuss developing realistic expectations that both partners can live with and finding ways to reach agreement on roles and responsibilities.

Stress and Parenting:
Few jobs are as stressful as raising children. Find out how to prevent stress from getting the best of you and how to recognize and deal with your child's stress.

Building Self-esteem in Children:
This workshop addresses components of self-esteem in children and adults. We will discuss how children develop a sense of basic worthiness and how our communication with children affects self-esteem. There will be suggestions on how to discipline and give feedback that will enhance the relationship you have with children.

Provides information about nursing care facilities, long-term care costs, finding a nursing facility, and helping our parents make plans for later life. There will also be information about community and national resources.