Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) was developed to provide separating or retiring personnel and their families with the skills and knowledge required to make a smooth, well-disciplined, and successful transition to a second career or into retirement.

Nearly all personnel leaving the Department of Defense (DoD) service will seek some form of civilian employment. Their civilian job search can be shortened if they first take time to learn job search techniques. The job hunter who has good job search skills and works diligently will have an advantage in the job market. A good place to start honing your job search skills is with the TAP. Key points of the program are Individual Pre-separation Counseling and Employment Assistance. Also available:

A monthly 3-day TAP Seminar coordinated with the US Department of Labor (DoL) and the Veterans Administration (VA).

Semi-annual Pre-retirement Symposium.

Individual counseling and assistance.

Computers, laser printers, and assistance with resume writing.

Employment programs and access to Internet job banks.

Individual Pre-Separation Counseling

Public Law 107-103 provides for preseparation counseling as soon as possible 24 months preceding retirement and 12 months preceding separation. This on-on-one session provides information and referral in areas such as job search, education, health and life insurance coverage, finances, relocation and disability. Spouses are encouraged to attend. This counseling generates the DD Form 2648 that is required to be filed in the permanent record of all separating or retiring personnel.

Seminar And Workshops

3 Day TAP Seminar

Designed for transitioning military members and their spouses. This program is also available to provide DoD civilians referred by the Civilian Personnel Office with employment assistance. This program is a joint effort between the DoD, DoL and VA. Those leaving the military within 180 days are encouraged to attend. Areas covered:

Analyzing Your Skills
Determining Your Work Preferences
Getting Started in the Job Search
Application and Resume Writing
The Interview Process
Applying for Federal Employment
Small Business Planning
Financial Concerns
Stress Management
Relocation Planning
Veterans Group Life Insurance
VA Benefits
The full agenda may be viewed by clicking here.

Disablity TAP Seminar (DTAP)

Addresses issues regarding disability compensation for persons medically retiring or submitting claims for vocational rehabilitation. The VA representative requests you bring a copy of your medical records to the seminar.

WorkPlace Changes and Transition
(For civilian employees of Holloman Air Force Base)

Held on an as needed basis, this program is designed to help you, the civilian employee, cope with change and uncertainty. It takes a look at how most people can get out of credit card debt in less than 18 months and feel more in control of a changing financial situation. It will give you ideas about how to lessen the stress of uncertainty in your life. It will give you an opportunity to predict how you (based on your personality type) can best respond to change. It will even take a humorous look at how to make yourself truly miserable.

Pre- Retirement Symposium

Targeted for military members who are contemplating retirement within two to four years. The objective is to cover certain areas of concern that will assist individuals in making a smooth and stress free transition into retirement or second careers. Spouses are encouraged to attend.
Topics to be discussed:

Veterans Benefits

Educational Sources and Benefits

Relocation Information

Retirement Requirements

Job Search and Transition Assistance

Financial Planning

Employment Programs And Automated Job Banks

Transition Assistance Bulletin Board System (TBBS)

Job seekers can review want ads placed by employers in various regions for specific occupations.


The official site for federal job information provided by the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

America's Job Bank

A service of the US DoL Nation-wide Employment Service providing job seekers with work opportunities in the US and other world-wide locations. It is the central processing hub for State Employment Security Agencies and their local offices.

Resume Assistance

Assistance is provided in formatting and personalizing individual resumes and cover letters for private sector, civil service, and other federal employment opportunities. Computer programs and laser printers are available.

Troops to Teachers

Fact sheets and application forms about teacher and teacher's aid placement assistance are available. The goal of this program is the improvement of American education by providing motivated, experienced, and dedicated personnel for the nation's classrooms.


Use this on-line program to "civilianize" your job duties or research duties of new career fields.

Scholarship Resource Network (SRN)

A scholarship-database system, which provides leads on scholarships, grants, loans, work-fellowship and work-cooperative programs.


A comprehensive computer program that will help you with career planning. You can learn about yourself and what you may view in a job; identify possible occupations and learn about them; plan your education; and prepare for the job market.

Strong Interest Inventory

This computer-based program measures your interests in a broad range of occupations, work and leisure activities and school subjects in order to identify careers. It can be especially helpful for those considering a career change or seeking more satisfying work.