Environmental Restoration Program

The Environmental Restoration Program determines where environmental damage has occurred in the past and if cleanup operations are necessary. The program at Holloman utilizes the most current technology for the cleanup of its sites. The program follows a four-step process:

-- Identification of past spill sites, leaking underground storage tanks, old landfills, or fire training pits.

-- Investigation of the area of concern and procedures for cleanup activities.

-- Actual cleanup of the site.

-- Submission of documents to the proper agencies for the close-out of the site.

ERP Educational Outreach

Recently, the ERP at Holloman Air Force Base participated in an educational outreach program involving civil engineering students at a local university. Installation restoration drawings and specs were presented to a senior environmental design class by their professor with an assignment to determine if the site was contaminated, the location of the contamination and it's migration pattern, the most efficient and cost-effective clean-up technology, and the associated costs. Students worked in teams and presented results to the class with an explanation of why a particular clean-up technology was chosen. The results were then compared to the technology the base used with an interactive class discussion on the pros and cons of each technology.

Restoration Advisory Board

The Restoration Advisory Board provides a public forum for all local, state and federal environmental agencies, action groups, and concerned individuals to formally advise, consult and work with the Environmental Flight to resolve environmental restoration issues and concerns. The RAB is co-chaired by the mayor of Alamogordo and a member of Holloman's commanding officers. The RAB meets on a semi-annual basis.

Chemical Agent Awareness Training

The Environmental Flight now provides Chemical Agent Awareness Training as part of its agenda. Although it is highly unlikely that a chemical agent component will be found, this training is designed to educate those who may come across such items in the future.